Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 19/11/2021

Friday 19th November, 11:40 am – RCC Bermuda received an EPIRB alert registered to the local Fishing Vessel GLIDER the EPIRB indicated the distress position to be in the vicinity of Spanish Point. RCC Bermuda had difficulty establishing and contacting the vessels owner, eventually it was found that the boat was partly submerged off Spanish point and the alert was false. As the beacon continued to transmit intermittently it was removed from the vessel by Marine & Ports staff and the battery disconnected to prevent further false alerts.

Date: 15/11/2021

Monday 15th November, 7:20 am – Bermuda Radio received a telephone call from the fishing vessel LEGACY advising that they had found a dinghy, approximately 15 ft in length adrift in Murray’s anchorage. The boat did not have anyone aboard and looked as though it had broken free from a mooring as the engine was not attached. The fisherman anchored the dinghy while Bermuda Radio attempted to contact the owner, unfortunately the contact details had not been updated and the owner had to be traced via the Police service, when eventually contacted he was unable to attend quickly. Later in the afternoon Bermuda Radio observed the boat dragging anchor and requested the Coast Guard assist, the boat was made fast to the dock in Coots Pond for the owner to collect.

Date: 10/11/2021

Wednesday 10th November, 12:50pm. Bermuda Radio receives a call on VHF radio from the recently departed cruise ship CRYSTAL SYMPHONY requesting assistance in disembarking a passenger for medical reasons. Following coordination with the vessel’s agent, fire dispatch and the pilot service, the vessel returns to Bermuda and uses one of her own tenders to transfer the person ashore to a waiting ambulance for transfer on to hospital.