Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 26/11/2020

Thursday 26th November, 9:30am – Bermuda Radio received a cell phone call from the 22ft Power Craft BACKLASH, with 1 person onboard, reporting to be disabled near Salt Kettle, and requesting a tow to Darrell’s Wharf. A broadcast was made on Marine VHF 16 for any potential good Samaritans able to assist, however no suitable vessel answered the call. The Bermuda Coast Guard proceeded to assist; however, they found the ferry Corona already had the vessel safely in tow towards Darrell’s Wharf.

Date: 26/11/2020

Thursday 26th November, 7:05pm – Bermuda Radio received a call from Police COMOPS advising someone from the Loren Hotel had called 911, and reported sighting lights off South Shore flashing SOS. A Police land unit tasked to the area, subsequently reported that a light was observed going underwater in the vicinity of John Smiths, further enquiries to the Loren Hotel’s manager, confirmed he had seen people snorkelling or diving off John Smith’s Bay. The Police land unit expressed concern that the divers may be struggling offshore towards the reef line. The Coast Guard was called and tasked to assist, however a short while later the Police land unit, reported that 3 divers had safely left the water without incident. Contact was made with the divers at John Smiths Bay and the filing of a float/dive plan with Bermuda Radio was encouraged for any future night-time dives.

Date: 25/11/2020

Wednesday 25th November, 8:00am – Bermuda Radio received a report from a concerned member of public, that the 20ft centre console, P/C Quality Time, had broken it’s mooring in Walsingham Bay. This was reported to the owner who safely secured the vessel later in the day.

Date: 25/11/2020

Wednesday 25th November, 8:30pm – Bermuda Radio received a Marine VHF call from the 50FT Sailing Vessel PEEKABOO, returning to Bermuda to disembark a crewmember whom sustained a suspected dislocated shoulder. The vessel arrived at Ordnance Island at 11:40pm where it was met by an ambulance to transport the sailor to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 24/11/2020

Tuesday 24th November, 1:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a 406 Mhz EPIRB alert registered to the local fishing vessel F/V JE-NAE. The owner was contacted and informed RCC Bermuda that the boat was safe and in the process of being lifted out of the water by crane truck at Burchall’s Cove. The reason for the false activation is being investigated.

Date: 24/11/2020

Tuesday 24th November, 5:00 pm - RCC Bermuda was conferenced into a call to the Police from a concerned member of the public who was observing a small boat with one person onboard who may be signaling for assistance. The caller was at a property in Southampton overlooking South Shore and reported the boat had not moved for some time and the person onboard was thought to be waving a T-shirt. A police land unit was dispatched while the caller was on the line and RCC Bermuda monitored the area via CCTV camera. The Coast Guard were informed and were preparing to send a boat to the area. RCC Bermuda could only see one vessel in the area which appeared to be safely at anchor, the police land unit reported the same findings after checking the area using binoculars. CCTV playback showed the boat appeared to be safe and the Coast Guard response was cancelled. The boat continued to be monitored by CCTV and was seen to be underway later in the evening.

Date: 17/11/2020

Tuesday 17 November, 9:05pm – RCC Bermuda received a single EPIRB alert from a Chinese coded beacon in a position 200 Miles SSE of Bermuda, the beacon was programmed with a Chinese MMSI number, however the MMSI number did not relate to any known vessel. The United States Coast Guard corresponded with the Chinese Rescue Coordination authorities to try and identify the vessel, they also tasked a passing merchant ship to run through the alert position. The merchant ship did not sight anything unusual and no further alerts were received from the EPIRB. The case was suspended on Wednesday morning pending further information.

Date: 16/11/2020

Monday 16 November, 3:40am: The 40ft Sailing Vessel LE RENDU-LA on passage from Halifax, Canada, with 1 person onboard. Reported to Bermuda Radio that the vessels engine would not start and requested assistance at getting into harbour upon arrival into Bermuda. A commercial tow was arranged, and Bermuda Yacht Services, using LINE ONE safely towed the vessel into St George’s Harbour Monday afternoon without incident.

Date: 16/11/2020

Monday 16 November, 11:00am: Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received an email from the 40ft Sailing Vessel RUNAWAY, which had departed Bermuda the previous day as part of the Salty Dawg rally bound for Antigua with 2 persons onboard. The vessel had observed slight water ingress via the rudder post into the vessel, in assessing the situation, the vessel decided to return to Bermuda having only travelled approx. 120nm from the Island The vessel arrived safely Tuesday morning without further incident.

Date: 14/11/2020

Saturday 14th November, 00:07 am – RCC Bermuda received a 406MHz EPIRB alert from a position 150 Miles North North East of Bermuda, the beacon was programmed for New Zealand but was found to be incorrectly registered making it impossible to identify the vessel. A vessel in a location close to the distress position had been requesting weather information and had spoken to a military aircraft shortly before the EPIRB was activated. The distress alert was considered to be genuine although the vessel identity was unknown and RCC Bermuda diverted a merchant ship to the distress location. The U.S. Coast Guard dispatched a C130 aircraft to assist, diverted the Vehicle Carrier PAGANELLA which was closer to the distress position and assumed control of the incident. The Sailing Vessel in distress was found to be the Canadian Registered 42 ft S/V ESMERELDA, with 3 POB, on passage from Halifax to Bermuda, The crew had decided to abandon the vessel due to adverse weather and medical issues. At approximately 9:00 am the 3-crew abandoned ESMERELDA and transferred onto the PAGANELLA via a pilot ladder with the C-130 aircraft observing and coordinating. During the transfer the yacht suffered damage and became dismasted. No injuries resulted from the transfer and the crew were found to be well enough to be carried onboard the PAGANELLA to New York which was her planned next port of call.

Date: 13/11/2020

Friday 13th November, 5:00 PM – Shore side organisers of the Salty Dawg Rally contacted RCC Bermuda to advise that the S/Y AKA with 2 POB is diverting to Bermuda as the crew are tired and fatigued and require minor repairs.

Date: 08/11/2020

Sunday 8th November, 2:50 pm - Bermuda Radio received reports of anti-social behaviour in the Paradise lakes area. The Bermuda Coast Guard attended and no further reports were received.

Date: 07/11/2020

Saturday 7th November, 12:24 pm – A concerned member of the public contacted Bermuda Radio regarding a kite surfer off Warwick Long Bay who appeared to be a long way off shore and possibly in difficulty, the kite was still flying. The reporting source kindly agreed to monitor the kite surfer and later confirmed they were ashore.

Date: 06/11/2020

Friday 6th November, 8:00 pm – A concerned member of the public contacted Bermuda Radio to report a flashing white light to the south west of St David’s light house. it was not possible to positively establish the source of the light, however no further reports were received, and the case was later closed.

Date: 05/11/2020

Thursday 5th November, 2:12 am – RCC Bermuda received the first of many DSC distress relay alerts from various merchant ships across the North Atlantic relating to a DSC distress call from the 27m Mauritania registered Fishing Vessel AKCHAR 2. The original distress message from AKCHAR 2 did not contain the vessels position or nature of distress. After discussion with the U.S. Coast Guard at RCC Norfolk, RCC Bermuda sent details of the DSC alerts to MRCC Rabat, Morocco and MRCC Dakar, Senegal. The vessel was thought to be operating between Mauritania and the Cape Verde Islands. At 5:00 am on Friday morning MRCC Rabat advised that the DSC distress sent by the Fishing Vessel was a false alert.

Date: 05/11/2020

Thursday 5th November, 2:30 pm – RCC Bermuda received several SSAS security alerts from the Bermuda registered product tanker TEAM LEADER after contacting the Company security Officer it was established that the tanker was safe in a position 200 Miles west of the Azores and the activation was being investigated. Further alerts were received until Saturday 7th when technical issues were finally resolved.

Date: 05/11/2020

Thursday 5th November, 8:30 pm – RCC Bermuda received an email from a concerned party ashore regarding sail and engine problems onboard the 47 ft Ketch PENROSE, reported to be 55 miles West North West of the sea Buoy and inbound for Bermuda. It was not clear how the person ashore was communicating with the vessel and further questions from RCC Bermuda went unanswered. At 2:30 am Friday 6th November, RCC Bermuda was able to reach PENROSE on VHF radio and established they would be able to make an arrival without assistance.

Date: 04/11/2020

Wednesday 4th November, 8:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a SSAS security alert from the Bermuda registered LNG Tanker BONNY II. After some difficulty in contacting the Company Security officer it was established that the vessel was safe in a position near the Maldives, the reason for the false activation is to be investigated.