Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 18/09/2023

Monday 18th September, 08:15am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, was expecting to see on radar the inbound vessel Oleander, which was scheduled to arrive at 10am. With no response to calls on Marine VHF from Bermuda Radio, the ships agent for the vessel was contacted by BMOC, who confirmed the Oleander was currently disabled approx. 250 nautical miles Northwest of Bermuda, with 13 persons onboard. Indicating the main engine would not start, but onboard technical staff were working to resolve the situation and no assistance was required at that time. At 1:20pm the vessels agents confirmed the Oleander was now under engine power and enroute to Bermuda. Revising her ETA at the Pilot Station for Tuesday morning, the Oleander arrived safely at the Sea Buoy at 10am Tuesday morning and was escorted by the Marine and Ports Tug Faithful, safely to Hamilton harbour.

Date: 18/09/2023

Monday 18th September, 10:10am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received a 2nd hand report of a turtle in difficulty, observed tangled in debris and plastic line, in the vicinity of Pompano Beach. The RBR Coast Guard where tasked to conduct a search of the area, to try and locate the distressed animal, while communicating with the shore side reports, Coast Guard vessel 41I, who was tasked to conduct a search of the area, was unfortunately unable to locate the turtle.

Date: 18/09/2023

Monday 18th September, 10:20am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received an email from a member of public, reporting a 24ft vessel capsized and sinking on its moorings, East of Agars Island. The vessel was identified by the RBR Coast Guard, and the owner was contacted, who was aware of the situation and making arrangements with her insurance company to salvage the vessel. The owner of the 24ft Wellcraft, confirmed by 12:30pm the same day, that the vessel had been lifted by a marine contractor and was secure ashore.

Date: 18/09/2023

Monday 18th September, 6:35pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received a call from a concerned member of the public reporting what appeared to be a capsized vessel in the vicinity of Five Star Island in Little Sound. Bermuda Radio hailed the Marine and Ports Fast Ferry Serenity, which was in the area, who on passing the reported object, confirmed it was a deflated dinghy in the water, with no persons sighted on the dingy or in the water. The RBR Coast Guard were tasked and recovered the dinghy a short while later.

Date: 12/09/2023

Saturday 9th September, 8:24 pm – RCC Bermuda was conferenced into a telephone call along with Police COMOPS and a reporting source calling from Clearwater Beach, the caller was concerned for a kite Surfer who he watched go out to sea and has not yet seen him return. The Kite Surfer had left his bike next to the beach and COMOPS were trying to find the contact details for the bike owner from the license plate. A police Land Unit was dispatched to investigate further with the reporting source. Unfortunately, the telephone numbers found from the bike registration were not up-to-date and a police Land Unit was sent to the owners address, in the mean time the Bermuda Coast Guard were advised of the case and requested to standby. RCC Bermuda telephoned contacts who were involved with Kite Surfing and managed to find the telephone number of the bike owner, who was, as suspected a Kite Surfer. RCC Bermuda called the Kite Surfer and found him to be ashore and safe, he had travelled from Clearwater Beach to Grotto Bay by Kite Surfing and walked home from Grotto Bay, he intended to collect the bike the following day. RCC Bermuda requested that if the surfer was not intending to return to the same beach he left from it would be good practice to telephone RCC Bermuda and file a float plan before leaving.

Date: 09/09/2023

Sunday 9th September, 02:30am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, received a mobile phone call from a 20ft Power Craft, with 2 persons onboard reporting they were disabled and unable to restart the engine, while at anchor off North Shore in the vicinity of Devonshire Dock. Bermuda Radio made an all stations broadcast on Marine VHF to seek any possible good Samaritans able to assist, with out any response, the RBR Coast Guard where tasked, and a short while later Heron III towed the disabled vessel safely back to her moorings in Flatts Inlet.

Date: 07/09/2023

Thursday 7th September 11:20am - BMOC receives a phone call from the Master of the ferry, Resolute. Travelling west in the South Channel, he passed a drifting punt that posed a hazard to navigation in the vicinity of the Elbow Buoy. Resolute couldn’t see any appropriate points to tow the punt so continued their passage and passed the information on. BMOC contacted the Coastguard who were able to locate the punt and retrieve it successfully.

Date: 06/09/2023

Wednesday 6th September 2:15PM - BMOC receives an email from MV Glovis Cardinal requesting medical assistance for crew member. After many communications with the ship and the U.S Authorities, the decision was made for the vessel to divert towards Bermuda for a medical evacuation. Vessel was approximately 40 hours away from Bermuda at the time of this decision, so they were given instructions to monitor the patient’s condition and pass information on to BMOC. During the morning of Friday 8th September, the patient was safely transferred to Ordnance Island and the Ambulance Service.

Date: 04/09/2023

Monday 4th September 4:00PM - Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard reports having taken a call from a disabled pleasure craft in the area of Morgan's Point, Great Sound. Bermuda Radio undertakes an all ships broadcast requesting help on VHF channel 16 and a nearby pleasure boat responds. The disabled craft is located and safely towed by the good samaritan vessel back to Riddell’s Bay.

Date: 28/08/2023

Monday 28th August 1:24PM - BMOC contacted by the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service regarding a 911 telephone call about a medical emergency involving a person aboard a sailing yacht in Emily’s Bay, St. Davids. The patient is believed to be suffering from either a stroke or heart attack and needs urgent transport ashore in order to rendezvous with an attending ambulance. Bermuda Radio/Rescue Coordination Centre briefs the RBR-Coast Guard regarding the medical case and the possible need for small boat assistance in the confines of the Bay, meanwhile the pilot boat ST DAVID is directed to proceed from Ordnance Island, St. George's to further assesse the situation. The crew of the ST DAVID are able to locate the vessel in question in Emily's Bay and berth alongside, quickly embarking the patient onboard whereupon he is conveyed to an awaiting ambulance back at Ordnance Island.

Date: 28/08/2023

Monday 28th August 9:15PM - Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service report to RCC Bermuda that they have received a 911 call regarding 3 injured persons aboard the 39 foot aluminum pontoon boat SIMPLE PLEASURES. The vessel had apparently run aground in the Hamilton Harbour area but was able to free herself is now proceeding to the Barrr's Bay public dock where she will be met by an hospital ambulance with EMT’s. 1 passengers is subsequently conveyed to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment, while the other two injured passengers decline medical treatment.