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Date: 11/02/2018

Sunday 11th February, 1:55pm. Meyer's Shipping Agency contacted RCC Bermuda, advising that the 145.5 metre Chemical Tanker CHEMBULK YOKOHAMA was diverting to Bermuda to disembark a crew member for compassionate reasons. At 8pm the officer was safely landed ashore by Pilot Boat St. George and CHEMBULK YOKOHAMA immediately resumed its passage from Aratu, Brazil, to Carteret, New Jersey.

Date: 08/02/2018

Thursday 8th February, 6:18pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received numerous calls reporting sightings of red Distress flares in the St. George’s Harbour. One source reported he that he was exiting a local supermarket in St. George’s when he heard a flare being launched, possibly from the East End Mini Yacht Club / Convict Bay area. A call was made to EEMYC who carried out a search of area with no remnants of flares to be found. No reports of persons overdue or in Distress were received with the flare sightings attributed to a hoax alert and incident closed a short while later. BMOC would like to remind the public about the proper use of marine distress flares which should never be deployed from land, and only used when a vessel is in need of urgent assistance. All marine distress flare sightings are treated as genuine and responded to accordingly, often in adverse weather conditions. Setting off marine distress flares for any other reason (Hoax), can delay emergency responders from attending a genuine incident and result in potential loss of life.

Date: 07/02/2018

Tuesday 6th February, 6:23pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre is contacted by the ships agent for MS Anthem of the Seas, reporting that vessel is diverting to Bermuda for medical disembarkation of a 71-year-old male passenger. MS Anthem of the Seas, on route from Basseterre, St. Kitts to Bayonne, New Jersey, was due off the east end of Bermuda Wednesday afternoon, when patient and ships medical team would transfer ashore. At 4:23pm, Wednesday 7th February, the patient was successfully landed ashore by pilot boat ‘St. David’ and taken via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Date: 05/02/2018

Sunday 4th February 7:19pm. RCC Bermuda received a 406 MHz EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) alert from the vessel STENA SEAFARER, formerly removed from the Bermuda registry in June 2011. This beacon also alerted on 18th Jan 2018 and was traced back to the breakers yard in Turkey. No further alerts were received from beacon which is believed to have been discarded inappropriately following ship demolition.

Date: 04/02/2018

Sunday 4th February 1:50pm. A member of the public contacts RCC Bermuda reporting the 35ft sailing vessel ‘SONOMA’ possibly entangled on its mooring harness as it does not seem to be riding correctly and is encroaching on other vessels in area. The Duty Officer contacts registered owner who attends to vessel, reporting that it seems to be secured correctly. However, he will have a local dive survey conducted to confirm all is in order.

Date: 04/02/2018

Sunday 4th February 0:12am. RCC Bermuda received a call from New York Air Traffic Control Centre (NYATCC) reporting that American Airlines flight 973, originally on route from New York to Rio de Janeiro with 201 persons on board, was diverting to Bermuda due to the activation of a fire warning sensor in the cargo hold. RCC Bermuda commenced callout of Emergency personnel (Airport; Police and Fire & Rescue Service) in response for aircraft arrival while continuing ongoing communications with NYATCC. At 0:49am, the aircraft landed safely at L.F. Wade International Airport where all passengers were disembarked before an extensive check of the cargo was conducted by Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service.

Date: 03/02/2018

Friday 2nd February 3:56pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre (BMOC) was contacted by Marine Police reporting that the 38ft P/C “CAT WOMAN’ was low in the water at Riddell’s Bay. A voicemail message was left with the registered owner who contacted BMOC the next day, reporting that a friend had tended to the vessel & all is in order.

Date: 25/01/2018

Thursday 11th January, 4:30pm. Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was contacted by a member of the public reporting a vessel low in the water to the South of BUEI, at the Foot of The Lane. The reporting source also provided a photograph which allowed for quick identification of vessel and contact made with owner. The owner reported that he had already arranged for a Marine Contractor to attend and have vessel removed from water for further attention. Following additional calls back and forth, the vessel was confirmed safely ashore on the 24th January. This incident serves as a reminder for all vessel owners to continually monitor vessels during winter months, while also ensuring that contact information as held at the boats and moorings section is current.