Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 06/09/2021

Monday 6th September at 5:25pm, Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was informed about a missing person by the Bermuda Police Service. The missing person was thought to be out fishing with a friend in an unknown vessel and location. Bermuda Radio issued several broadcasts on VHF radio but received no response. Following this it was established by the Bermuda Police Service that the missing person was not at sea anymore and the search was continued on land with no more assistance required from the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre.

Date: 28/08/2021

Saturday 28th August, 7:54 pm – A member of public ashore contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, that a vessel appeared to be in difficulty between SW breaker and Alton Hill. The vessel was identified as the 32ft P/C SMIDGIN MORE with 5 pob and was disabled but at anchor. The vessel was contacted and confirmed that they had already made arrangements for a tow with a family member which was subsequently conducted safely.

Date: 27/08/2021

Friday 27th August, 8:18am – Bermuda Radio received a call from a concerned wife of a fisherman who was reported overdue, having proceeded offshore the previous day to the Northeast Area with 1 pob. Bermuda Radio commenced marine radio call outs to the F/V EAGLE II, without success of establishing communications, the departing cargo vessel BERMUDA ISLANDER was asked to confirm if they could see the F/V EAGLE II as the headed offshore from Bermuda in the vicinity stationary fishing vessels to the NE, they confirmed visual observation and that the sole person onboard appeared fine and well, the F/V EAGLE II safely returned inshore a short while later.

Date: 24/08/2021

Tuesday 24th August, 5:30am. RCC Bermuda received a mobile phone call from a gentleman, reporting his son to be located on a boat disabled and adrift near Chub Heads Beacon, the vessel was in deep water offshore from the beacon and un-able to deploy an anchor. The 35ft vessel SMOCKEY was detected on radar, and Bermuda Radio established communication directly with the vessel on mobile phone, once in contact it was confirmed that 3 persons where onboard, and the vessel was disabled due to a line wrapped around the propellor. The GPS position provided confirmed the vessel location approx. 2.8NM WSW of Chubb Heads Beacon. Bermuda Radio commenced urgency broadcasts to any vessels on VHF channel 16, nearby and able to assist. Having not received any good Samaritans able to assist. RCC Bermuda contacted the Bermuda Coastguard, who dispatched their unit 41J, which arrived on scene about an hour later, safely towing the vessel inshore.