Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 12/04/2024

Thursday 11th April, 10:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a telephone call from the 24 ft pleasure craft GOTTA HAV IT disabled and at anchor near Mills Breaker Buoy with 2 POB. The skipper was contacting friends ashore but had been unable to receive confirmation of any assistance. RCC Bermuda made VHF calls on behalf of the vessel without response, the Coast Guard were advised but no action was required as the boat was safe at anchor. At 5:30 am on the visiting super yacht FLAG responded to the VHF calls for assistance and kindly agreed to tow GOTTA HAV IT into St Georges Harbour.

Date: 11/04/2024

Monday 11th March, 11:30 am – RCC Bermuda received an email from the inbound Dutch Sail Training ship, GULDEN LEEUW, the ship was on passage from Cuba to Bermuda and reported loosing a life raft overboard in heavy weather. The life raft inflated and could not be recovered by the ship, RCC informed other relevant Search and Rescue authorities, however, no further reports of the missing raft were received. The Sail Training ship arrived in Bermuda on Thursday 14th March without further incident and the life saving equipment was replaced before sailing.

Date: 31/03/2024

Sunday 31st March, 4:00 pm – A telephone call was received from a resident of North Shore Road showing concern for windsurfers on North Shore, West of Shelly Bay, due to their distance offshore. The Ferry SPIRIT OF ST GEORGE was on North shore returning to Dockyard and was able to monitor the windsurfer who was just inshore of the South channel. The Ferry Skipper was able to confirm the situation appeared normal and the Windsurfer was heading towards Shelly Bay.

Date: 30/03/2024

Saturday 30th March, 12:45 pm – RCC Bermuda received a SSAS security alert from the super yacht LEANDER G, the alert was generated from Kusasadasi, Turkey. The Bermuda ship register shows that the yacht left the Bermuda register in 2020 and is now Cayman registered and renamed. The previous yacht managers contacted the new flag state to have contact detail updated.

Date: 29/03/2024

Friday 29th March, 11:45 pm – The Captain onboard the container ship CL AGATHA CHRISTIE called RCC Bermuda from a position 200 miles North of Bermuda while on passage from New Orleans to Antwerp. The ship was receiving Radio Medical Advise to assist a crewmember with a suspected kidney problem, the decision was made to divert to Bermuda with an ETA of Saturday afternoon. The crew member was disembarked onto the Pilot / Rescue boat St David for onward transport to hospital while the ship remained offshore. On Monday 1st April a replacement crew member joined the ship and the passage to Antwerp resumed.

Date: 26/03/2024

Tuesday 26th March, 2:00 pm – RCC Bermuda received a call from the owner of the Fishing Vessel ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT on a mooring in Mills Creek, while inspecting the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) it became active. An EPIRB alert had been received by RCC Bermuda, thanks to the skipper reporting the activation it was quickly identified as a false alert.

Date: 18/03/2024

Monday 18th March, 3:30 pm – RCC Bermuda received a telephone call from the management company of the Marshall Islands LNG Tanker PASCO RONI the ship, enroute from Marcus Hook, PA, USA, bound for Lavera, France in a position 440 miles east of Bermuda was receiving radio medical advice due to an accident onboard which resulted in a seafarer having his thumb severed. First aid was administered and the ship diverted to Bermuda, the tanker arrived offshore on the morning of Wednesday 20th March. The casualty was transferred to the pilot / rescue boat St David for onward transportation to hospital.

Date: 12/03/2024

Tuesday 12th March, 9:00 am – The RoRo container ship OLEANDER called Bermuda Radio when outbound in Dundonald Channel advising that a fixed foam filled life raft had been observed between buoys 28 and 30. There was a strong North Westerly wind and the raft appeared to drifting towards Spanish Point area, the Bermuda Coast Guard recovered the raft and found it was marked with a vessel name and Key Largo, Fl. The United States Coast Guard in Miami were advised but unaware of any related incident.