Significant Maritime Incidents

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Date: 11/08/2022

Thursday 11th August, 12:25pm. There was a swift response from BMOC, to a call from a member of the public who reported the 23ft power craft TWO RUDE, on its moorings at the Foot of The Lane, showing signs of a list and taking on water. There was no-one onboard, and Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre was able to trace the owner through the vessel’s registration information. Within just over an hour, the owner reported and confirmed the situation was resolved by bailing out the boat.

Date: 10/08/2022

Wednesday 10th August, 4:22pm. Ships agents Meyers advised Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre, that the Cruise Ship QUEEN ELIZABETH, which had been scheduled to call at Bermuda, on passage from Port Everglades in Florida, bound for Ponta Delgada, had one US male passenger that required disembarkation for hospital treatment. The vessel arrived offshore on Thursday 11th August at 5pm to disembark the passenger via the Pilot/Rescue Boat St David, the transfer was conducted at 5:30pm. The QUEEN ELIZABETH then waited offshore for the return of the ships medical staff, who had assisted and accompanied the medical transfer, the patient was safely landed to an awaiting ambulance at Ordnance Island and subsequently transferred to KEMH, the QUEEN ELIZABETH then continued on passage for the Azores a short while later.

Date: 08/08/2022

Monday 8th August, 12:50pm – Bermuda Radio received a 911 cell call from a 20ft PURSUIT pleasure craft with 3pob. Advising they were disabled in the vicinity of Northeast Breaker Beacon. The vessel did not have a working VHF onboard and the exact location indicated was unclear. Bermuda Radio commenced urgent Marine VHF radio broadcasts. A nearby fishing vessel was observed rendezvousing with the suspected disabled vessel, which was subsequently safely towed into St Georges Harbour. The Coast Guard performed a safety inspection on the boat when it arrived alongside in St George Harbour.

Date: 07/08/2022

Sunday 7th August, 7:00am – The 20ft pleasure craft THE EDGE II, with 2pob, contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre by cell phone, advising they were disabled off from the Oil Docks, on North Shore and requested assistance getting back into Flatts. Bermuda Radio establishes the commercial assistance from Sea Assist, and the vessel is subsequently, safely towed to its mooring in Flatts.

Date: 07/08/2022

Sunday 7th August, 11:55am – The 22ft pleasure craft RAPTURE, with 2pob, located off Riddell’s Bay, contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre by cell phone, advising they were disabled at anchor and requested a tow back to Mill’s Creek. Bermuda Radio confirmed a short while later that a friend had safely towed the vessel back to its mooring in Riddell’s Bay.

Date: 05/08/2022

Friday 5th August, 11:20 am – A light oil sheen in St Georges Harbour was reported and found to originate from construction work at Ordnance Island. On investigation it was found that a small amount of hydraulic oil had leaked from the crane barge. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources were advised, no further assistance was required.

Date: 04/08/2022

Thursday 4th August, 11:20 am – The passenger ship NORWEGIAN JOY reported an oily sheen on the water close to the ship while alongside in Dockyard. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources followed up on the incident and found it most likely resulted from a small amount of fuel being spilt while a boat was taking bunkers in Dockyard. The sheen soon dissipated without the need for a clean up response.

Date: 04/08/2022

Thursday 4th August, 06:30 pm – An SSAS, security alert, was received from the Bermuda registered vessel LNG LAGOS II. The vessels Company Security Officer was contacted, and the vessel was confirmed to be safe off the coast of Morocco, the reason for the false activation is being investigated by the shipping company.

Date: 31/07/2022

Sunday 31st July, 12:27pm - The 24 ft local vessel KING WICKED, with 2 persons onboard, had anchored after becoming disabled but was reported to be dragging towards the shore near Riddell’s Bay entrance. RCC Bermuda advised nearby Bermuda Coast Guard vessel, which was able to tow the vessel to her mooring in Jews Bay without further incident.

Date: 31/07/2022

Sunday 31st July, 5:58pm – A jet ski being operated between Shelly Bay and Bailey's Bay became disabled close to the shore. The ski operator called Bermuda Radio for assistance and was put in contact with a local marine contractor who assisted the ski to Bailey’s Bay.

Date: 31/07/2022

Sunday 31st July, 11:15pm. The 19ft Black race boat DARK and STORMY became disabled in Ferry Reach and anchored near BIOS with 2 POB, Bermuda Radio and the boat operator were unable to arrange any assistance. Later in the night the Local pleasure craft HYDRO THERAPY towed them ashore in St Georges harbour.

Date: 29/07/2022

Friday 29th July, 7:30 pm - Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a telephone call from a member of the public located on Long Island in Hamilton Harbour. They request an ambulance to meet with a boat at Albuoy’s Point in order to transfer a casualty who had suffered a laceration to his lower leg following a fall from a boat in Paradise Lakes. The casualty was assisted on arrival at Albouy's Point.

Date: 28/07/2022

Thursday 28th July, 5:08 pm – Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service contacted Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre regarding an ongoing medical incident onboard a 131 ft chartered sailing vessel in Great Sound. The charter boat met with an ambulance at Daryll’s Wharf and received medical advice.

Date: 27/07/2022

Wednesday 27th July, 9:34 pm - Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a telephone call from a local shipping agent advising that the Marshall Islands flagged 42,225 gross registered ton tanker ALIGOTE was on passage from Corpus Christi, Texas to Pembroke. U.K but was having to divert to Bermuda in order to disembark a crewmember requiring medical attention. The ship arrived offshore on Thursday morning and the patient was transferred to the pilot boat St. David without the use of a stretcher, was landed ashore at Ordnance Island, St. George's and taken to hospital by ambulance.

Date: 25/07/2022

Monday 25th July, 7:55am – During planned work on the ENCHANTMENT OF THE SEAS, which involved the use of divers, a small amount of biodegradable oil was lost overboard from the bow thruster. The ship reported the incident and carried out a cleanup using absorbent pads.

Date: 21/07/2022

Thursday 21st July, 1:00 pm – The single handed sailor onboard the 55FT Sailing Vessel NIGHT WATCH called Bermuda Radio on VHF radio, while on passage from the Azores to Connecticut, USA. NIGHT WATCH was 30 miles from Bermuda and intended to divert for engine repairs, the solo sailor was able to sail to the Sea Buoy and Bermuda Yacht services were employed to tow the disabled yacht into St Georges Harbour in the early hours of Friday morning.

Date: 19/07/2022

Tuesday 19th July, 2:00pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a call on marine VHF radio from the disabled 22ft fishing vessel INDRA, with 2 persons onboard. Located at anchor approx. 1.5nm NE of St Catherine’s Point. Bermuda Radio commenced organizing a commercial tow to assist the disabled vessel, a short time later the INDRA had managed to contact a friend, who proceeded to tow them safely back inshore.

Date: 18/07/2022

Monday 18th July, 2:30pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives a cellular phone call, from the outbound local diving vessel NARCOSIS, informing Bermuda Radio, that they had just passed a disabled vessel, located in Murray’s anchorage. The disabled power vessel was reported as 20ft in length and green in colour, with 1 person onboard. The RBR Coast Guard, were tasked to rendezvous with the disabled vessel and assist as necessary. The vessel DUE SOUTH was safely towed to her moorings in Mullet Bay and confirmed a safety equipment inspection of the vessel to ensure all was in order.

Date: 18/07/2022

Monday 18th July, 9:33pm – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received an email from the USCG RCC Norfolk, informing about an overdue sailing vessel with 1 person onboard. The 32ft Sailing Vessel PIROUETT was on a voyage between St Martin and Nova Scotia, Canada and was expected to pass East of Bermuda. At the request of the USCG, Bermuda Radio commenced broadcasting urgent PAN PAN messages on VHF/MF radio and Navtex for this overdue vessel. At 3:30pm on the 19th of July, RCC Norfolk informed RCC Bermuda that the vessel had made safe landfall in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Date: 17/07/2022

Sunday 17th July, 7:20am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a call on marine VHF radio, from an outbound sports fishing vessel, which has sighted two unmanned paddleboards drifting, approximately 1.8nm NW of Commissioners Point. The RBR Coast Guard were requested to attend the scene, and upon doing so confirmed finding three unmanned drifting paddleboards, some with paddles and towels onboard. The paddle boards were recovered to RBR at Scenic House and the marine area was searched with no persons sighted in the vicinity. Subsequently the owner of 3 missing paddleboards called Bermuda Radio, advising they had gone missing after drifting free from a property at Ely’s Harbour.

Date: 17/07/2022

Sunday 17th July, 9:30am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives a call on marine VHF radio from a sports fishing vessel located 5nm NE of Northrock Beacon, advising a crew member onboard was suffering a medical emergency. The vessel proceeded at speed into St George’s harbour and requested an ambulance to rendezvous with the vessel on arrival at Ordnance Island. This was organised and waiting for the patient, who was then safely transferred ashore to KEMH.